• Why Your Employees’ Credit Cards May Mysteriously Exceed the Limits Set

    Have you ever wondered why some of your employees may report that their company credit cards have been declined at a hotel or lodging facility due to exceeding the credit limit? Read on and discover why this may happen, and what you can do to prevent such situations from frustrating your tired employees who just want to rest after a long day at work. Andrea Tsakanikas of CrewFacilities.com explains that many hotels impose a hold on the cards of your traveling teams in order to be sure that there is enough available credit to cover the reservation but additional funds should it be extended and for incidental charges. So the authorization and hold placed on the card at reservation also includes an extra amount for incidental charges, such as the cost of food and laundry services. Andrea Tsakanikas says that in her experience, removing the hold on the credit can take up to 5 days after the crew has checked out of the hotel or lodging facility. It becomes challenging when the same crew checks into another hotel and that second hotel places a hold for that entire stay plus incidentals. The credit card may end up being declined due to insufficient credit to cover the anticipated costs. CrewFacilities prevents such situations by working with the different hotels at which your crew stays in order to waive or lift the hold on the credit cards quickly so that your employees can be free to use the cards for the other authorized expenses. This saves them the inconvenience of having to wait until the hotel they left releases the funds it had on hold. Working with an experienced travel management company like CrewFacilities.com helps to smooth out all those kinks related to hotel holds so that your crew can rest without any issues at check in.

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