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The Naked Truth About Rentals - A motivating book for real estate professionals

Are you venturing into real estate sales market? If yes, then a series of questions regarding where to start in the industry needs to be answered. For example, what phase the real estate sales market is going through, what opportunities you have and how you can make the most of them.

The Naked Truth About Rentals: Everything You Always Wanted To Know But Didn’t Know Who To Ask, a book written by Andrea Tsakanikas – a licensed real estate broker, trainer, writer and consultant – is potential solution to starting out in the industry with rentals. Gaining experience and potential buyer customers through rentals is a great initial focus.

She has worked as a real estate management advisor for corporations and assisted them in rebranding projects, setting up management divisions and centralizing national management operations.

After spending many years in the real estate industry, she founded a real estate and property management company, Florida Luxury Rentals, which helped her capture a niche market. Within 24 months of the date of commencement, a real estate conglomerate expressed its interest to use the company as a template for a rental/property management division in all its locations. This is such an incredible achievement that Andrea Tsakanikas can count on.

Along with a real estate broker, she has proved her mettle as an author. She summed up her experience and knowledge, which she has gained over three decades, in a book titled “The Naked Truth About Rentals: Everything You Always Wanted to Know But Didn't Know Who to Ask.” Penned down by an experienced real estate broker, the book helps you set up a rental office or fine-tune your current rental division, including sample advertisements, office forms, reporting, job descriptions & more.

Along with this book, she has composed several industry publications and “How To” manuals adapted to the real estate industry professional. She also offers classes and online courses specializing in rentals and property administration worldwide.

ABOUT Author

Andrea Tsakanikas, Licensed Real Estate Broker, Trainer, Writer, Consultant is a managing broker working with International Luxury Rentals, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Since 1985, Andrea has specifically focused on the rental/investment phase of real estate, assisting real estate corporations, developers and owners to realize the highest return for their properties.

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