• Why Trusted Travel Management Professionals Are Better Than Technology Tools

    The tech space is evolving so rapidly that nearly every aspect of the travel management industry has technology that powers it. From chat bots to apps, there are so many dazzling technological tools that one can’t help but marvel at the sheer variety available. However, you would be well advised to look beyond technology as you select a travel management company (TMC) for your company. This isn’t to downplay the importance of technology, but you need to pay close attention to the professionals deploying that technology.

    Trust is important. CrewFacilities reviews show that the number one quality that most clients look for in TMCs is trust. Can you trust that the bookings made by your TMC are the most competitive? Can you trust that your TMC will be there to provide needed support when travel plans change and alternative arrangements have to be made at short notice? Can you trust that the TMC will recommend the travel policy updates that are in the best interest of your company? All these questions cannot be answered by the glittering technological tools touted by a TMC. You need to do your own homework and hire a travel management company like CrewFacilities.com after reading the CrewFacilities reviews showing how reputable the company is.

    Conditions Aren’t Static. Trust is also vital when you consider that all technological tools rely on complex algorithms of various circumstances in order to function. As you already know, conditions aren’t static and the tech tools praised by some TMCs may fall woefully short of your expectations if you had relied on those tools alone. For example, a bot may not answer your concerns when a storm causes a flight to be cancelled and you don’t know how soon you can get an alternative flight. CrewFacilities reviews attest to the fact that Andrea Tsakanikas and her team are available round the clock to make sure that employee travel is as smooth as possible, and that any emergency is addressed promptly. This is achieved through the work of PODs created for each company that hires CrewFacilities.com as their TMC.

    Now you know the key ingredient you need to look for when selecting a travel management company. Look for trust, and don’t be sidetracked by all the technology on display. CrewFacilities.com is a business whose foundation is the trust its clients have in the company. The company also has technological “assistants”, such as the CrewFacts app, but Andrea Tsakanikas and her team know that technology just assists rather than replace experienced professionals.

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