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    Why Travel Management Should Be Paperless

    The management of the expenses of your employees’ trips should be transformed into a paperless process so that your company can reap the numerous benefits which will accrue from such a transition. Read on and discover some of the advantages which you will realize once you get a taste of the paperless processes of CrewFacilities.com. • Increased Productivity. Do you know how much time is lost rifling through a pile of receipts in order to find the one for a specific expense? Going paperless with the CrewFacts app provided by CrewFacilities can save that time and allow your employees to focus on their core tasks at the company. • Accessibility. A paperless expense management system allows you to access all the records even when you are on the go. For example, you can approve weekly payments once you receive an invoice sent by the expense management system of your travel manager. You can also approve reimbursement claims quickly when an employee lodges their claim. • Travel Policy Compliance. A paperless system also allows you to integrate any restrictions or requirements so that the expense management system will automatically reject any entry which doesn’t comply with the travel policy of the company. For example, you can place a cap on the hotel room rates which can be charged against the company’s credit cards. • Visibility. A paperless system ensures that there is a digital trail for each penny that is spent on employee travel. It is therefore easy for you to audit your spend on crew travel as well as identify any loopholes which can allow fraud to occur. It may be hard for you to go cold turkey and implement the transition to a paperless system instantly. A better approach would entail working with CrewFacilities so that they manage the travel of your employees using the CrewFacts app and other paperless tools while helping you to design and implement your own paperless system.

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