• Why Managing Hotel Stays is Better Than Using a Per Diem Policy

    Some companies think that implementing a per diem policy for their teams will save the company money. However, Andrea Tsakanikas, an experienced travel management expert and President of CrewFacilities.com, suggests that managing the hotel stays yields more benefits and lower costs than a per diem policy. The following are some of the key ways through which the benefits stack up. Costs can be kept in check. Giving each crew member a nightly per diem rate can exert an upward pressure on your spend on crew travel. This is because it may be hard to take advantage of group travel discounts since each member of the team may wish to find a hotel or lodging facility that suits his or her individual needs. Managing the team’s travel with the help of CrewFacilities keeps costs in check because Andrea Tsakanikas and her team of professionals will negotiate competitive rates at the best lodgings/hotels close to the jobsite of your team. Your costs will therefore keep going down with the help of CrewFacilities.com. Lost productivity due to long commutes. Per diem policies create room for some crew members to drive long distances in order to find hotel rooms at very low rates. That commute can reduce the time that the employee will rest, or it will force that employee to arrive late/leave the jobsite early. This lost time may compel you to keep the crew at the site for longer than would have been necessary. Travel management experts like Andrea Tsakanikas avoid such issues by finding accommodation facilities within a desired radius from the places where your crew will be working. This ensures that the team will be highly productive since they will have had enough rest without having to sit in traffic for long in order to get to their hotel rooms. Still need to be convinced about the benefits of travel management rather than per diem? Divide your employees into two groups. Let one group use the per diem approach while the other group switches to travel management with the help of CrewFacilities.com. Track the costs of the two groups and compare your results at the end of a quarter. You will realize how much you have been losing under the per diem method.

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