• Four Reasons Why You Should Consider Personnel Travel Management Services

    Managing crew travel for organizations requires staffing and administrative time and labor. Organizations with a large number of employees traveling generally have a travel department solely dedicated to handle all crew movement. Whereas many organizations outsource travel managers such as CrewFacilities.com in order to make their crew travel a cost-effective endeavor.

    Below are five benefits of hiring a personnel travel management advisory company such as CrewFacilites.com.

    Streamlined processes

    When it comes to finalizing a travel request, there are many layers of communication required to manage the accommodations. Sometimes, the organization needs to delay or cancel the reservation due to a project schedule change. A travel manager stays ahead of the schedule and ensure that changes are made and eliminates no-shows and cancellation fees when possible.

    This is when a travel advisory company comes into play. A company specializing in travel management services allows you to book, check and change crew accommodations faster, without the hassle of a lengthy communication chain. Simplifying the laborious process.

    Reduced travel expenses

    When a travel management company like CrewFacilities.com handles your crew logistics, it takes care of everything, from comfort for your employees to your budget.

    Such companies have a large network of facility partners that enable them to provide you the best possible lodging facilities at competitive rates. They take into account real-time pricing, as hotel rates fluctuate on a daily basis, and also work with your company’s travel policies in order to provide the best lodging management services.


    Travel management companies ensure to maintain compliance with their customer’s budgeting requirements, quality of the facilities being booked, and meals to be provided to the employees. This ensures the crews will have a great stay.

    Provides corporate travel data

    Travel management companies like CrewFacilities.com provide complete real time data for tracking individual crew members, ensuring reservation invoices are correct and a variety of different metrics and other factors related to personnel travel. This data can be used to better allocate funds to determine true job, rig, PO or regional costs for a company.

    Visit CrewFacilities.com for further information about the company and its services.

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