• Why a Travel Manager Should Vet Facilities Prior to Check In

    It is important to vet facilities before your team books them for a stay when doing work far from the company base. Who should conduct this vetting exercise? Some companies use their own employees while others leave this task to a travel management firm, such as CrewFacilities.com. Using a travel manager to vet facilities has several advantages. First, travel managers like Andrea Tsakanikas usually stay up-to-date with the evolving health, safety and environmental requirements which accommodation facilities should uphold. CrewFacilities will therefore shortlist the facilities which meet those latest standards. Your in-house personnel may be unable to keep up since they are busy with other company tasks. Secondly, travel managers can save you the cost of sending out an advance party to vet the facilities before your crew arrives. The travel managers usually have a presence in most parts of the country, so it will be easy for them to reach the desired location quickly and inexpensively. CrewFacilities.com considers the vetting exercise as part of their normal work, so you are unlikely to be charged for that service. Thirdly, using CrewFacilities.com to vet the facilities where you want your team to stay will cut the time needed to vet the facilities. Your employees may lack sufficient experience to cover all the important aspects, such as pest infestations and the maintenance of the structures, within a short time. Andrea Tsakanikas and her team can do a thorough job quickly and effectively because they have developed expertise in vetting facilities over the years. As you can see, it is a lot better for you to outsource facilities vetting and any other aspect of crew travel to a travel manager like CrewFacilities.com. Crew travel management will be smooth and company work will progress seamlessly.

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