• What to Consider Before Hiring a TMC

    When it is time to change to another travel management company (TMC), many companies attach a lot of importance to finding a TMC whose cost is more affordable than the previous one. While cost should be considered when hiring a TMC, other factors carry the same or even more weight if you want to see a hassle-free travel program for your company. CrewFacilities.com’s Andrea Tsakanikas shares some of the key considerations which can lead you to the best TMC for your needs. Innovation and technology. It is important for you to identify a travel management company, like CrewFacilities.com, which has market-leading technology that is best suited for the systems you use at your company. Streamlined and intuitive technology tools will give your travelers a positive user-experience, and cases of non-compliance with the travel policy will reduce. Crewfacilities clients never feel trapped by the technological tools provided to streamline the travel program. Service is key. Service should be at the top of your mind when you are planning to engage a new TMC or hire one for the first time. Personalized service is of the utmost importance, especially when business travel involves VIPs or top company executives. The implementation of the personalized service should start from the level of training employees to use the tools availed by the TMC. In this way, employee buy-in will be high and bookings will be made independently without asking for help during each step of the process. Should help be needed, the TMC should have staff on standby to assist clients who need support. CrewFacilities.com eases this process by creating PODs focused on the needs of each client. Transparency in everything. The travel management company should be clear about the way their staff are compensated as they do their work. This will allay any fears that you may have regarding the solutions being recommended. Staff who receive commissions may be driven to recommend specific packages just because those employees stand to benefit. The TMC and its employees should be driven by your interests when suggesting packages or products. Take your time when considering bids from different travel management companies. Ask for references from their previous clients and use the feedback that they provide when making your final decision. In this way, you will pick a TMC that will not only be cost-effective but also experienced in serving companies in your industry.

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