• What Exactly Are You Paying for When Employees Book Lodgings?

    You should not only think about cost when selecting accommodations for your employees. Other factors, such as the quality of the facilities selected, are also important in order to keep costs affordable without sacrificing the health and safety of your employees.

    CrewFacilities gives priority to HS & E (health, safety and environment) issues. We subject each lodging facility to an extensive verification process which is intended to shortlist only those facilities which have passed the following inspections;

    • Beddings: the mattresses, sheets, pillows and comforters must be of good quality, clean, and having the appropriate pest protections like bedbug protectors on the mattresses.

    • Electrical elements: The power outlets, plugs, extension cords and any other electrical fixture should be sound with no potential of exposing room occupants to any electrical hazard.

    • Facility environment: The lodgings should be situated in a locale which is generally safe and the facility should have ample security measures in place, such as video surveillance and secure parking facilities.

    • Cleaning Schedules. We make sure that we book our clients into facilities that have flexible cleaning schedules so that employees on different shifts aren’t inconvenienced when housekeeping insists on cleaning the rooms while your employees are resting.

    • Water elements. We check the water fixtures for leaks and damage. We also confirm that hot and cold water is available at all times. Toilets should also flush well, etc.

    To avoid missing anything, our experienced team is always armed with a detailed checklist each time a lodging facility is being vetted for inclusion among the facilities where our clients can stay. Our extensive database of suitable facilities is constantly updated to remove any facility about which issues of concern have been reported. More facilities are also added as and when they pass our inspection process. You can therefore rest assured that you will get value for money when you book accommodations for your employees through CrewFacilities.

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