• Use Key Metrics Reporting to Track Crew Travel Costs

    In order for organizations to remain competitive and profitable, it is imperative to track all of the expenses that it incurs. Tracking and managing costs and budgets becomes challenging when crews who frequently travel for work add variable expenses. And when there is no crew travel policy mandated within the organization.

    CrewFacilities.com has systems in place that can assist its clients in staying up to date, in real time, on their job travel costs related to your employees in the field. Numerous metrics, such as costs by project, costs by PO, costs by region, cost by crew and costs per employee, can be vital in helping you to take proactive measures to adjust your budget, as well as, assist in bidding on projects.

    Andrea Tsakanikas leverages the extensive CrewFacilities.com innovative technology to manage and control your spend on crew travel, keeping it affordable without sacrificing employee comfort, health, safety and environmental standards. A third-party travel management service provider like CrewFacilities.com ensures that you will always have real time and up to date reports for all aspects of your crew’s travel costs.

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