• The Pros and Cons of Booking Crew Facilities for the Exact Number of Nights Needed to Complete a Job

    Are you wondering whether you should book hotel rooms for the exact number of nights needed by your crew when they travel, or you should add a few extra days to that booking? Andrea Tsakanikas explains some of the pros and cons which you should weigh when making a decision about how many nights to book. Booking hotels rooms for the exact number of nights needed by your crew to complete a job gives you the assurance that your employees will have an acceptable place to stay while they work. It also helps you to control the maximum cost of the rooms during crew stays out of town. However, booking the exact number of nights that you think your crew will need can leave you with the risk of moving your crew to an undesirable facility just in case those employees need to stay longer and their current rooms were booked by other hotel guests on those extra nights that you need. CrewFacilities.com experts also believe that you may be compelled to pay much higher rates in case you choose to extend your stay at the last minute. This is because the hotel may regard you as needing the rooms urgently, so preferential rates may not be levied at that point. Andrea Tsakanikas suggests that it is better to book extra days during your initial booking. You can then cancel the rest of the nights once you are sure that your crew no longer needs those rooms. CrewFacilities has an extensive database of crew facilities where your employees can stay without incurring hefty cancellation fees for those extra nights which you add to your expected stay but later cancel.

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