• Smart choice for crew travel and logistics management service

    Businesses with employees travelling overnight have evolved and been associated with the diverse clientele worldwide. They now want to be part of the global platform while increasing team’s productivity in the field, and at the same time reducing production costs.

    Crewfacilities.com, a trusted crew travel and logistics management firm, practices the most innovative crew travel and logistics management services. The company has worked with thousands of organizations providing vetting and qualifying facilities for their crew lodging, making transport reservations, tracking and reporting the entire course of development in reduced production cost. If you would like to explore how you can make your crew travel more simplified and cost-effective, contact Crewfacilities.com. They offer travel and logistics solutions in collaboration with your in house lodging coordinators. The company understands how companies with crews travelling overnight would like to better their travel management – their prime target is always reduced production cost, but optimal team productivity and Crewfacilities.com has a long record reflecting this expertise.

    Being a leading crew travel and lodging management consultant, this company has decades of expertise in administering in-house labor (e.g. transport reservation/price negotiation), tracking and managing crew members/facilities and reporting with real-time data. Irrespective of what business yours is, Crewfacilities.com offers comprehensive and customized solutions to its clients.

    Unlike others, Crewfacilities.com believes customer-satisfaction is the only key to success, and takes strategic approach to provide result-oriented solutions. Be it the day-to-day operation of business travel program or travel safety, productivity or total expenses, the company and its outsourced teams assure you of a smooth travel, hassle-free communication between all parties, optimal team productivity and reduced production expense.

    Elimination of overcharges from the final facility bill and ensuring a great stay are the two main challenges that Crewfacilities.com handles quite gently. Their audit team keeps track of the number of empty rooms; guests still living, charges for extra beds and advance booking etc. This helps in the exclusion of unnecessary costs from the final facility bill, resulting in great stay experience for the crew at low cost.

    Crewfacilities.com stands out in the crew travel and logistics management industry for many reasons like:
    • Synchronized service as per respective organizational needs
    • Regardless of the industry, Crewfacilities.com offers streamlined travel policies and processes
    • Booking and tracking through a single point of contact
    • Minimal expenses and maximized returns

    Meet the team:

    Crewfacilities.com has a highly-qualified, super experienced team of corporate travel managers and advisors lead by Andrea Tsakanikas – the founder and President, and Amber Schofman – co-founder and Vice President of the company. These two superbly talented and massively experienced women have been managing all major operations of the company since its launch. By constantly offering fully-customized and remarkable solutions to a diverse clientele across North America, today Crewfacilities.com enjoys being the topmost choice amongst its potential prospects.

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