• Save Your Company unnecessary Costs Associated with Hotel Damage Charges

    It is now second nature for people to inspect rental cars thoroughly for any preexisting damage for which they may be charged upon returning the car. However, few individuals conduct a similar inspection of their hotel rooms in order to avoid damage fees that may be imposed and charged directly to their credit card after check out. Such costs can add up in the course of the year and put a dent your company’s bottom line. Andrea Tsakanikas, an experienced travel manager and President of CrewFacilities, advises companies to encourage their employees to check their hotel rooms thoroughly UPON CHECK IN and notify hotel management immediately should they find any issues.

    Business travelers should check the floors, walls, beddings, furniture and fittings for any visible damage. Your nose should also guide you to any unexpected smells, such as the smell of cigarette smoke. Be meticulous during that inspection because you may not be able to claim innocence once the hotel charges you for any damage they see during or after your stay.

    Don’t be tempted to think that these small issues won’t be costly when it comes to fees incurred. The hotel may charge you for all the days when the room is unusable as it undergoes repairs. You may also be fined for any inconveniences caused to the guests in the nearby rooms. There really isn’t any limit to the penalties that the hotel may impose on you.

    However, it is possible for you to be forgiven for some damage caused to your hotel room in case you report such damage promptly and express your sincere apologies for what happened. Hotels are businesses and will give priority to retaining an existing customer. The hotel may therefore decide to meet the cost of the repair instead of fining you (and risk losing a repeat client).

    In short, ask your employees to be alert before, during and as they leave the lodgings selected when they travel. It is also wise for you to work with CrewFacilities. The company has experience in working with lodging providers to reverse hotel damage charges that are imposed on their clients. Such reversals aren’t guaranteed, but they are worked upon on a case by case basis.

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