• Managed Accommodation Provides COVID-19 Safety for People in Crowded Living Arrangements

    The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t left any section of the population unaffected. People living in crowded living arrangements, large metropolitan cities, areas with that have high occupancy rates per home or apartment, are the key areas where the virus has spread rapidly. The citizens in these areas find it impossible maintain social distancing due to living in crowded environments.

    For city, county and state authorities that are looking for ways to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic among people in crowded environments, managed accommodation is the way to go in the short term. The following categories of people can be accommodated in hotel rooms and other managed facilities sourced by CrewFacilities.com until the pandemic is brought under control.

    Infected Patients. The people who have been found to have the COVID-19 virus but don’t have serious symptoms that require hospitalization. To isolate them from their families in separated hotel rooms. By so doing, the families and their neighbors will be safeguarded from being exposed to the virus.

    Those who have been in contact with Infected Persons. Similarly, the people who have been in contact with an individual that has tested positive for COVID-19 can be removed immediately from crowded living conditions, to ensure that they will not be spreading to others.

    Asymptomatic, but possibly are carrier of the Virus. Some individuals may not exhibit symptoms similar to those that meet the case description for COVID-19. Such people can be removed from the crowded living spaces and taken to hotel rooms or other such managed accommodation facilities while they undergo tests to confirm or rule out the Coronavirus disease. In this way, the suspected cases will not have a chance to pass on the virus to the people they get in contact with while they await their test results.

    Do you have sections of the population that live in crowded apartments, homes and neighborhoods in your county or city? Contact CrewFacilities.com and we discuss your needs and how we can be of service. The City of New York is the most recent jurisdiction to award us a $250 million contract to provide managed accommodation for patients and other emergency personnel, so don’t hesitate to contact us regardless of the scale of your local COVID-19 response needs.

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