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    Is Your Disaster Relief Company Getting These 3 Important Needs Met By Your Travel Manager?

    No two industries have the same travel needs. Andrea Tsakanikas has accumulated enough experience to understand that each industry has peculiar needs that a travel manager should be able to address in order to provide value to that client. Is your Disaster Relief company getting the needs below met adequately by the in-house travel manager? Use this information to review and modify your travel management practices by bringing CrewFacilities on board to improve the travel experience of your company. Scalability. Disaster Relief companies require a travel manager who can scale up or down depending on the needs that a given time. CrewFacilities has technological solutions which allow it to seamlessly adjust its operations in order to cater for the needs of large or small groups of employees who are traveling. For example, the CrewFacts app can handle an entire department which is traveling to attend a conference just as easily as handling a small team of employees who are going to hold discussions with a potential client. Don’t be stuck with a travel management company which sets limits on the minimum size of a crew/team which it can accept at a time. Quality Control. The Disaster Relief industry doesn’t have any room for error. The travel manager engaged to handle the travel needs of a Disaster Relief company needs to be experienced enough to be spot on when handling various matters, such as making bookings and arranging the most appropriate transportation for crew members and any cargo they may be having. Safety and Comfort. Disaster Reliefs have highly valuable employees, such as innovators and researchers. Those individuals need to travel safely and stay at comfortable lodgings. CrewFacilities understands that some employees need a little more pampering and care when compared to others. Andrea Tsakanikas can therefore make travel arrangements that suit those special team members as long as everything is done within the budget and travel policy of the client company. As you can see, it pays to select a travel manager who understands the specific needs of your industry. Contact Crew Facilities and you will get the kind of service which is tailor-made for your industry and its special needs.

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