• How to Ensure That Your Company’s Travel Policy Will Be Implemented

    It is one thing to have a travel policy in place for your company and it is a different matter for that policy to be followed by your employees when they are making any decisions related to work-related travel. Andrea Tsakanikas, President and Founder of CrewFacilities.com, shares some tips on how to increase the usability of your company’s travel policy. Keep It Simple. Andrea Tsakanikas advises that you should read through the draft travel policy and confirm that it is easy to read. Remove any redundancies (why use three words to make a point when one word can suffice?) so that you are left with a concise document whose contents will be easy to understand. Never give your employees your travel policy in case you still catch yourself dozing as you read it! Give Each Employee a Copy. Andrea Tsakanikas recommends that the travel policy should be emailed to every employee once that policy has been formulated and edited to keep it clear and concise. An email blast is better than providing hardcopies since it is easier to access the email in case the employee wishes to crosscheck something when out of office. Discuss the Policy During Meetings. Never assume that your employees will understand and implement every clause of your travel policy just because you have availed a copy of that policy to them. The experienced professionals at CrewFacilities suggest that a series of meetings should be held so that you explain the travel policy to your employees. Your employees will then understand the importance of the different provisions in that policy. Compliance rates will therefore be higher. Andrea Tsakanikas and CrewFacilities.com can work with you to instill a culture of following the travel policy during the initial stages of its implementation. Your travel manager should also have a copy of that policy so that each decision is informed by the requirements spelt out in the policy.

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