• How Female Road Warriors Can Protect Themselves When Traveling

    According to a survey done by Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) in 2018, a whopping 83 percent of all female business travelers admitted that they had been involved in a safety incident within the past 12 months. This statistic shows how serious the risks faced by female businesses travelers are, and it emphasizes why you must take matters into your own hands so that you stay safe on the road. Here are some female traveler-specific safety tips shared by CrewFacilities.com, a travel management company with a presence in all parts of the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

    Plan Ahead

    Pay special attention to safety as you plan your trip. For example, find out if the hotel you wish to stay at has a floor for only female guests and get a room on that floor. It is also advisable for you to stay at a brand-name hotel rather than at a smaller hotel since the bigger hotel chain may have more elaborate safety systems for all its guests, especially females. CrewFacilities.com Reviews are full of praise for the great lengths to which the TMC goes to identify female-friendly hotels since these facilities give lone female travelers peace of mind that no avoidable risk will occur while at the hotel.

    Pack Smart

    It is always wise to travel modestly and avoid packing or wearing expensive clothing, jewelry or shoes. Expensive items make you stand out as a potential target for muggers and thieves. Pack shoes that you will be comfortable moving fast in should the need aver arise when you sense a safety risk. Reserve your high heels for the meeting itself or cocktail but not for walking on the street.

    Have an Action Plan for When You Get to the Hotel

    Request the clerk at the hotel to jot down your room number instead of mentioning it aloud. Also, don’t check into a room which is on the ground floor or close to emergency exits. These places are easily accessible to burglars. Instead, get a room upstairs close to the elevator so that you avoid the necessity of having to walk across a dimly lit hallway at night. The room should have a deadbolt, a peephole and window locks. Request for another room if any of these basics is missing. Crew Facilities Reviews show that female travelers who implement this tip feel safer and sleep better.

    There’s only so far that you can go in protecting yourself as a lone female traveler. It is therefore imperative that you engage with your employer so that the travel policy can be modified to address the specific threats that women face when they travel. Contact CrewFacilities.com for help in designing and implementing systems which will keep female business travelers safe if the in-house personnel aren’t in position to do it on their own.

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