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    Companies with groups travelling overnight always face problems while lodging and managing workforce travel transactions. Many corporations choose not to commit to long term agreements or leases for their lodging because they are unsure if their project will run the length of the agreement. So to save more on costs, without a long term commitment, and without the need to know the exact project completion date, without delay or extension, many companies turn to CrewFacilities.com. And in many cases, organizations focus solely on home-based projects because they don’t want to incur unlimited travel costs to house crew members out of town. So in lieu of turning down a potential project companies can look to CrewFacilities.com to assist in estimating their travel costs prior to bidding or contracting on a specific project. Get in touch with Crewfacilities.com, a crew travel management and logistics company, to help you plan your travel for the upcoming bid, but at reduced travel cost.

    Know about Andrea Tsakanikas and her single point of contact service:

    Andrea Tsakanikas is the President of Crewfacilities.com. As a chief executive officer of the company, she has been vetting, qualifying, renting and leasing hundreds of thousands facilities for her clients across North America. Besides, she holds expertise in training teams to boost productivity of departments within the organization. Andrea’s clients do hail from a variety of industries including construction, oil & gas, transportation, solar, wind, Municipal and Government and aviation alike. The CrewFacilities.com team holds experience in property management, facility booking, logistics, travel coordination, procurement, audit and accounts management. The Key Team Members of CrewFacilities.com hail from decades of total experience in the arena, Crewfacilities now counts as the most preferred in the industry. Their cost-effective and streamlined travel policies and procedures have proved to be an effective solution for many organizations. And having a 24/7 travel team at your service is a plus for clients which further adds to the customer-satisfaction and their total cost savings.

    What are Andrea’s additional focuses for her clients?

    Andrea Tsakanikas works toward continually upgrading the services of Crewfacilities.com in all aspects. She as well aims at boosting her clients’ productivity by offering streamlined and fully customized travel management and crew logistics.

    A closer look at the services Crewfacilities offers:

    Discounted personnel lodging:

    Whether the companies have travel coordinators or travel processes developed in the house, many fail to ensure reasonable facility service and optimal crew productivity. Why does it happen? When sending crew members away to a remote location, “how to avail the best facility ensuring cost-saving and team’s optimal productivity” should be the one purpose. Hardly does any company realize that their current travel policy may not be productive or truly executed throughout an organization to ensure simplified and amplified crew travel. Why is this the case: Many of the in house personnel in charge of managing personnel travel have a full time job responsibility that allows little time to focus on key areas such as “identifying overcharges that aren’t disclosed.” The advantage of working with Crewfacilities.com is their team has expertise in facility management, tracking and roster management, audits and financial review. In addition, they have a clear vision and understand the methodologies of controlling unnecessary costs. As the process flows, they keep their clients informed and pass on the experience so to ensure service transparency. Also, Crewfacilities practices sending itemized and consolidated invoices to their clients with backup to reduce the amount of time reviewing and approving invoices for payment and processing.

    Real-time access to data and reporting:

    While you are placing a crew in a remote location, dispatch, crew and shift management, roster management, changes in the reservation and cancellations add quite a few daunting tasks to the transaction. Contact Crewfacilities and see all your in-house labor be immediately sorted and tracked by a team of top seasoned crew travel managers and logistics experts.

    Streamlined and customized logistics solutions:

    Many challenges are integral in managing crews travelling overnight to a remote area. To eliminate these, contact Crewfacilities.com, to further to assist in reducing needless communications between and more. With a single hub and point of contact CrewFacilities.com simplifies and makes the process quick and easy.

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