• Crewfacilities.com and the story behind its formation

    Know the reason behind Crewfacilities.com’s formation

    The founders of CrewFacilities.com were disheartened seeing companies of all sizes paying unnecessary costs for their crew travel.

    Crewfacilities.com wasn’t formed as a booking agency, nor a workforce lodging provider or any third party organization; it was formed as a crew travel management company. Their focus is to represent organizations with mobile work forces to reduce and control their travel expenses, time and labor.

    Their solutions:

    Workforce travelling and lodging cost reduction,

    Managing a project from a remote location is a tough job and for most companies, facility overcharges are the key issues. Crewfacilities starts from managing your travel with an outsourced travel team, to ensure smooth scheduling and transitions, quality lodging, real-time team tracking, and all this at reduced expense. The Key Team Members at CrewFacilities.com have spent decades reducing travel and lodging room charges and overall expenses for many organizations, hailing from different industries. Unnecessary charges, such as empty rooms, are never okay and Crewfacilities makes sure that organizations have a transparent report on room occupancy.

    Easy communication solutions

    To stay in touch with all levels and in all areas from the ground to the regional office to the corporate office and all in between, can be a daunting task, which requires a simplified and easy solution.Crewfacilities and its team work toward implementing steps in order to keep all parties updated with real-time data. This further helps in curtailing miscommunications between different organizational divisions.

    Essential metrics reporting

    When a team is travelling and lodging in a remote location, finding quality and available facilities can be quite a challenge.Crewfacilities and its team work based on your job site geographic coordinates and find options in several directions. Once the facility is vetted and chosen, they check the team in and during the stay track crew rosters, daily activity, shift and crew changes and extensions or early check outs. All while ensuring data is accurate. The company provides reports on daily, weekly and monthly basis as well.CrewFacilities.com ensures customized and streamlined data for their clients’ respective needs.

    Dispatch solutions

    Most companies do not want to invest in setting up different departments to manage crew travel and logistics; they simply want to outsource the same in order to save money and time.Crewfacilities.com’s team has decades of experience in simplifying and synchronizing logistics for the remote field workforce. The company has a program that fits different requirements in the remote areas to urban cities.

    Account solutions

    Crew travel overhead is a headache, not only for the time required to manage it properly, but in dealing with the facilities, disputes, overcharges, issues with quality and bed bugs, etc.Crewfacilities.com strives towards eliminating unnecessary costs from the overall expenditures. Paying for rooms not used or unauthorized is never acceptable. And CrewFacilities.com works towards reconciling each room’s costs per night to ensure the final invoice is accurate and what was authorized by the personnel on the ground.

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