• CrewFacilities.com – Meet the Team

    The name says it all Crew Facilities. Without our team working 24/7 to ensure top notch service and a simplified transaction CrewFacilities.com would not be so successful.

    CrewFacilities.com, a renowned crew travel manager, is such a company that retains the top professionals to manage the travel process for its clients. Let’s meet the team of CrewFacilities.com.

    Andrea Tsakanikas – President
    Andrea Tsakanikas has spent her career in property and facility management. During her career, spanning almost three decades, she has represented hundreds of investors and managed hundreds of thousands of room nights related to workforce lodging, rental and resort products.

    She has been retained as management consultant with specialization in optimizing operations and ensuring the highest revenues for travel and facility management projects.

    Here are some projects Andrea handled recently
    • VP of Operations, Corporate Lodging Company: Responsible for setting up of a remote lodging division to manage class-A apartments, suites, lodges and man camps.
    • Chief Operating Officer, Crew Logistics/Remote Lodging Company.
    • President/Founder, Property Management Entity

    Andrea Tsakanikas co-founded CrewFacilities.com with Amber Schofman to simplify the way companies in North America conduct personnel travel.

    CrewFacilities manages and controls personnel lodging expenditures for companies with mobile workforces throughout North America.

    Amber Schofman – Vice President
    Amber Schofman is Vice President and Co-Founder at CrewFacilities.com. She is responsible for carrying out operations related oversight. With her hands-on experience in systems and operations management, she has made a great contribution in building processes and procedures for the company, which ensures simplified synchronization with the client’s company culture.

    Amber Schofman works in conjunction with the facility to manage the reservations and acts as a liaison between the client’s corporate office, client, crew lead and guests on site for top results and simplified lodging transactions.

    Pamela McDonald - Controller
    As an Executive Team Member, Pamela manages the financial department that includes financials, reporting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, auditing, and tracking of all rooms, crewmembers and transactions.

    Kenny Tsakanikas – VP of Crew Logistics
    Kenny Tsakanikas has been involved in development and construction of a multitude of facilities throughout the US and Internationally. As Vice President of Crew Logistics, he coordinates with the client crews on the ground to ensure dispatch, scheduling, tracking and logistics all flow smoothly.

    Lisa O’Brien – Business Development Consultant
    Lisa is responsible for developing and executing sales targets through current and new business relationships and implemented targeted marketing strategies. She works in close coordination with the Sales and Development Team to ensure productivity in negotiations and creating strong partnerships with clients.

    Keri Brusa – Director of Client Services
    Keri is responsible for customer service, client oversight and retention. She manages reservation process in a seamless manner to meet the client’s expectations. CrewFacilities.com is a women-owned, minority business enterprise. As part of compliance and diversity, Keri is also responsible for CrewFacilities.com Minority Business Enterprise projects and clients.

    CrewFacilities.com is a woman owned business. The company is currently in the process of finalizing WBE certification in many states. Keri is directing the process. And we will soon be able to qualify client companies for the participation needed on their contracts, while saving them on their travel costs.

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