• Crewfacilities.com – Immediate solution to manage and control your personnel travel and lodging expenses

    Crewfacilities.com is a specialized crew travel and logistics management company and consultant serving organizations in North America. The company focuses on streamlining and simplifying layers and layers of in-house labor, managing the reservation process, and ensuring potential travel cost savings for many organizations throughout the US. Currently, Crewfacilities.com is catering to a diverse clientele hailing from different industry verticals, such as transportation, aviation, oil & gas, government bodies, wind, solar and government alike.

    Importance of a crew travel management firm

    Most companies are unable to manage crew travel and logistics, at the same time ensuring their costs are managed and controlled. Their employees are handling full-time job responsibilities, which keep them busy with core business dealings. On the other hand, efficient crew travel logistics management requires time, investment and focus to manage the process properly. Most companies choose not to increase their overhead creating an in-house travel department. Crewfacilities specializes in this on behalf of many organizations with mobile work forces. The company has years of experience, as an outsourced travel manager.

    Crewfacilities.com stands apart – how?

    Travel management and streamlining the process are what CrewFacilities.com does best. Unlike others, the company offers fully-customized end-to-end, business-to-business crew travel and lodging solutions and consulting. It has a better understanding of its many clients’ business and travel cultures. This is critical in order to synchronize and customize the travel process flow with services such as 24/7 monitoring of crew’s housing, dispatch and logistics via a single point of contact, Andrea Tsakanikas co Founder of Crewfacilities.com also ensures that you are not paying for lodging costs that are not authorized and actually used.

    Areas of focus:

    • Researching potential facilities nearest to the job site.
    • Negotiating competitive lodging rates.
    • Vetting facilities for health, safety and environmental standards.
    • Booking and managing reservations.
    • Tracking unused, empty and extra bed charges to eliminate unnecessary costs from the final hotel bill.
    • Managing the entire travel process, including logistics and real time personnel tracking.
    • Dispatch 24/7/365 via voice, text, email, website portal or smart phone app.

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