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    When it comes to personnel crew travel there are a variety of details that must be managed. Not only for an organization to ensure there are no liabilities as far as personnel traveling. But also all the specifics included in the logistics and dispatch for communications. In their search to achieve these objectives, many companies end up spending more than what is budgeted on personnel travel.

    This is when a travel management advisory company like CrewFacilities.com comes into play. CrewFacilities.com is a crew logistics and travel management service provider, renowned for providing unparalleled solutions that assist organizations in realizing reduced travel costs and administrative time and labor.

    The company endeavors to provide the most competitive lodging rates at quality facilities, within the closet geographic distance to the job location. This makes the personnel focus on their work, thereby being more productive. Many of their clients find a correlation to their projects being completed early and a better retention for their personnel. When teams travel and are away from their families and home it creates additional circumstances that need to be managed. Offering them clean, comfortable accommodations will assist in their ability to stay on the road for longer periods of time and to be more productive on the job site each shift.

    CrewFacilities.com customized solutions reduce travel costs and administrative time and labor as well. The company understands the complexities involved in personnel group travel and ensures to simplify and economize the crew travel bookings.

    CrewFacilities.com manages all aspects of their client’s travel programs, while ensuring cost savings. This is how it enables corporations to reduce and manage employees’ lodging expenditures.

    Some of our client challenges have simple solutions including:

    Employee Lodging Cost Reduction
    Are room rates the focus of your employee travel costs? We guarantee to lower your room rates and decrease overall lodging expenditures. And if paying for empty rooms is a concern, we can track and report on specific details, so you can know at-a-glance which employees occupy which rooms.

    Communication Technology
    Communications can get garbled across many employees and multiple job sites. We’ll implement steps to properly notify all parties with true and accurate data, while reducing miscommunication between organizational divisions.

    Key Metrics Reporting
    Tracking crew rosters, shifts, changes, extensions and job costs can be time-consuming. You need real-time daily, weekly and monthly data to track crews and costs by job, location, and more. Our tracking & reporting solution, customized to your requirements, really help.

    Dispatch Services
    How do you coordinate logistics for your remote field teams? Our clients are constantly seeking to simplify their current dispatch operating procedures or just upgrade their current coordination. We have programs to fit your unique requirements in the field, in remote areas, or in large corporate environments.

    Credit Solutions
    Tracking reservations, reconciling stays, resolving disputes and keeping credit flowing are challenges, especially when lodging facilities place holds on your credit cards. Our credit solutions resolve these issues.

    Employee Compensation Solutions
    If your reservations personnel already work full time hours, then you are familiar with the challenges inherent in covering night and weekend reservations while still keeping the lid on overtime costs. Ask us how we can help you reduce hours immediately, without adding cost.

    Accounting Solutions
    You don’t want to pay for rooms not used or unauthorized, rates higher than anticipated, or unapproved incidentals. Be sure your busy staff properly reconciles each room’s nightly folio with our Accounting Solutions.

    How does CrewFacilities.com make difference?
    The company offers:
    • A wide range of pre-qualified, vetted hotels, lodges and camp brands
    • Effortless Reservation Process
    • Express Check In

    Along with this, submitting a reservation request is simple based on a choice of five ways.
    • Call our 800 toll free number.
    • Email us.
    • Chat with us.
    • Submit through our website portal.
    • Text us.

    Our mobile app for Iphone and Android.

    CrewFacilities.com Executive Team:

    Andrea Tsakanikas
    Andrea Tsakanikas is the founder of CrewFacilities.com. She established the company with an aim to represent the customer side of the lodging transaction instead of the ownership side of the facility. She has brought a wealth of knowledge and experience, which she gained over three decades, into the process of CrewFacilities.com, thereby enabling organizations with mobile work forces to manage, control and reduce personnel lodging expenditure.

    Samples of her recent projects:
    • VP of Operations, Corporate Lodging Company: She was made responsible for setting up of a remote lodging division to manage class A apartments, suites, lodges and man camps.
    • Chief Operating Officer, Crew Logistics/Remote Lodging Company.
    • President/Founder, Property Management Entity.

    Amber Schofman – Vice President
    Amber Schofman hails from the property management, corporate housing and work force lodging industries. With great knowledge about systems and operations managements, she has been a driving force behind all infrastructure, processes and procedures for CrewFacilities.com. Her knowledge and hands-on experience in the industry has enabled the company to consistently improve, simplify and synchronize steps for its clients.
    • Lodging Cost Reduction
    • Employee Travel
    • Travel Management
    • Strategic Procurement Solutions
    • Customized Reporting Technology
    • Credit Solutions
    • Real Time Tracking & Job Cost Reporting
    • Crew Facilities Standardization of Facility Vetting

    Visit CrewFacilities.com to know more about the company.

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