• COVID-19 Makes Professional Entities Like CrewFacilities.com Valuable

    In just four months, the coronavirus pandemic has brought the entire world to a standstill. After it was first identified in Wuhan, China, the virus quickly spread to most continents except Antarctica, infecting over 4 million people worldwide.

    The resultant loss of life has been immense, and governments have been scrambling to curb the spread of the virus.

    As more and more people got infected, cracks in the system began to appear. There wasn't enough protective personal equipment for the healthcare providers, medical supplies were sparse and hospital resources were stretched thin. And as experts say, we might be battling the virus for up to two years, so these resources will be stretched even thinner.

    Understandably, municipalities, counties, and cities are having a tough time keeping up. The lack of hospital beds is one pressing issue, and it is one that absolutely has to be addressed if we are to truly kick this virus with the least possible losses.

    According to Andrea Tsakanikas, a highly experienced travel management professional and founder/President of CrewFacilities.com, a leading provider of crewmember lodging and logistical services, firms like hers can help alleviate this issue.

    The hospitality industry, along with the airline and tourism industries, have been devastated by the coronavirus crisis. CrewFacilities.com proposes a measure that would provide additional rooms for infected individuals and medical staff, and provide much-needed revenue to hotels.

    The demand for hospital beds is beginning to outstrip the supply, and there is a need for firms with extensive experience in sourcing and mobilizing locations for large numbers of people. Not only can CrewFacilities.com ease the manpower pressure on local authorities, but they will be able to source the most suitable temporary accommodations at competitive rates.

    Individuals who need temporary accommodation include medical staff who don't want to possibly expose their loved ones to the virus, patients with mild symptoms who aren't sick enough to be admitted, and recovering patients who don't need life support but need a place to convalescence.

    People who have been in contact with an infected person will also need somewhere to quarantine, and if they do not live alone, they won't be able to do it at home.

    Local governments that are under immense pressure due to the coronavirus pandemic won't be able to source such locations. That's where a firm like CrewFacilities.com steps in. With more than 20 years’ worth of experience in sourcing locations and mobilizing large groups of people and a wide network of hotels, we are uniquely suited for this task. Contact us today and let us talk about how we can be of service during this crisis.

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