• Are You Tracking These 4 Costs After Paying for Rooms for Your Crew? (# of rooms charged, # of nights charged, did room rate remain the same throughout res, did they add any incidental fees that were unauthorized)

    Every company needs to track various metrics associated with crew travel. The question is, which of those costs should most attention be allocated to? Andrea Tsakanikas offers some suggestions about the big four crew travel costs which every company should scrutinize once hotel rooms have been booked. The first is the number of rooms charged to the company. Mistakes can happen and the hotel charges you for more rooms than you booked. The hotel can also still charge you for rooms that weren’t occupied due to last minute changes which stopped some members of the crew from traveling. CrewFacilities.com tracks this metric and ensures that you only get charged for the number of rooms occupied by your team. The second cost you should track is the number of nights charged. Some members of your crew may not spend all the nights at the selected hotel due to various reasons, such as emergencies which require them to come back to the company offices for a few days. The rooms of such people shouldn’t be charged to your credit card, but who is to follow that up if you haven’t engaged a travel manager like CrewFacilities.com? Let Andrea Tsakanikas and CrewFacilities track the nightly occupancy of your crew so that you only pay for the nights when your employees stayed in the rooms. The third cost you need to monitor is the room rate throughout your stay. That rate usually varies from night to night, so you should be able to take advantage of any rate reductions during the stay of your team. Andrea Tsakanikas also strongly advises that you track the daily expenses in order to identify any incidental charges which you didn’t authorize. For example, you shouldn’t foot the bill if one of your employees decides to order a bottle of vintage wine after dinner. CrewFacilities checks the items billed and ensures that they are within the expenses which you had authorized. Track those four costs and you will keep crew travel costs affordable.

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