• Andrea Tsakanikas – A Vision to Always Find Innovative Solutions

    Andrea Tsakanikas is the founder of a successful crew logistics entity based in Austin Texas, CrewFacilities.com. For the majority of her career she has focused on facilities and property management in variety industries. In addition she has been a management consultant for developers, corporations, Reit’s, investment groups who retained her to ensure their investments were managed to their utmost effectiveness and production.

    Though, Andrea Tsakanikas has been focused on the rental/investment phase of real estate to assist her clients in realizing the highest return for their projects, she has distilled her experience of almost three decades into an industry manual titled “The Naked Truth About Rentals: Everything You Always Wanted to Know But Didn't Know Who to Ask.” The focus was for management professionals to set up or tweak their rental and property management focus.

    It assists industry professionals in acknowledging and being successful no matter what phase the real estate sales market is going through.

    A thing or two about the book
    As a trainer, Andrea Tsakanikas, outlines the steps and focus for property and facility management and the how to’s on filling properties and rooms. The book also includes sample advertisements, office forms, reporting, job descriptions and other pertinent data.

    This 111-page manual comes with sample advertisement formats, sample office forms for tracking sources, marketing, listing files, prospective renter forms, reporting for source/data tabulation, and market analysis that will get a company started from scratch or fine-tune an existing rental or facility department.

    Along with this, this book includes tips about how one should train one’s staff through sample of calls-to-appointment conversions, overcoming renter objections and closing techniques. Job descriptions are included for organizations or offices.

    If you are in the property and facility management industry you won’t want to miss out on an edition of ‘The Naked Truth About Rentals: Everything You Always Wanted to Know But Didn't Know Who to Ask’.

    To know more about Andrea Tsakanikas follow her on LinkedIn.

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