• Andrea Tsakanikas – Raising the Bar for Crew Logistics

    Andrea Tsakanikas, a licensed real estate broker, property management consultant, trainer, author and entrepreneur, believes that to do extraordinary one has to think like nobody else. Her attitude of figuring out possibility of success even in a distressed project makes her a true winner in all aspects of her professional life.

    Some of the projects has been retained on:
    • Chief Operating Officer, Crew Logistics/Remote Lodging Company
    • President/Founder, Property Management Entity
    • VP of Operations, Financial Institution
    • VP of Operations, Corporate Lodging Company. She was responsible for setting up of a remote lodging division where she managed class-A apartments, suites, lodges and man camps.
    • Andrea has also been a consultant, trainer, author of a Rental and Procedures Manual for the real estate trade.

    Here we have curated Andrea’s inspiring professional bio:
    President, CrewFacilities.com, Austin, Texas & Fort Lauderdale Miami, Florida area

    Andrea Tsakanikas co-founded CrewFacilities.com – a travel management advisory company with an aim to help businesses reduce employees’ travel costs with efficient administrative time and labor solution, while ensuring increased productivity. The company is a women-owned minority business enterprise.

    CEO, KT Consulting International, Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area
    In addition to CrewFacilities.com, Andrea Tsakanikas is the CEO of KT Consulting International which assists corporations, large investment groups, and owners/operators in acquiring investment projects, increasing profitability, implementing management teams and building entity infrastructures. The organization has a team of construction and management professionals that assists on projects across the US. The company is also a licensed real estate brokerage for the state of Florida.

    She handles a number of activities of operational and development areas including management and operations setup, project turnaround and re-branding, vetting, training of key project staffing, budgets and analysis, market analysis, resident retention and marketing plans.

    She also handled different types of projects concerning multifamily, commercial, workforce/remote lodging, vacation and resort rentals, and single-family bulk homes.

    Chief Operating Officer, Oilfieldlodging.com, Austin, Texas Area
    Andrea Tsakanikas handled projects related to building an infrastructure with complete autonomy and oversight of the entity. She also was responsible for budget creation and management, processes and systems, overseeing of sales, handling business development, operations, accounting, property management, crew logistics, human resources, and marketing departments.

    Other responsibilities included hiring key team members, creating job descriptions, maintaining organizational structure, maintaining strategic planning, creating all company contracts, and maintaining customer relationship management.

    VP of Operations, Team Housing Solutions Inc.
    Andrea Tsakanikas assisted a corporate housing company in setting up a remote lodging, which was retained by facility owners for the management and leasing. Andrea handled projects of class A & B multifamily lodgings, hotel suites, lodges and man camps and delivered significant results.

    Broker/ Owner, Florida Luxury
    She founded Florida Luxury, a real estate brokerage in 2002. The company was focused on rentals, vacation rentals, property management and investment acquisitions. It was sold in 2007.

    Operations Manager, KT Contractors, Clinton, MD
    Andrea Tsakanikas proficiently handled responsibilities of operations manager for KT Contractors – a real estate development and investment company dealing with multifamily, commercial and larger single-family communities.

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