• Andrea Tsakanikas – An Example of Unwavering Determination

    Andrea Tsakanikas, President and Co-Founder of CrewFacilities.com which is a renowned business travel advisory entity- testifies determination through the success she has attained in the fields of property and facility management industry.

    The success of CrewFacilities.com as a reputed crew logistics management company is an endorsement of her entrepreneurial skills.

    A brief about Andrea Tsakanikas
    For over three decades, Andrea has been involved in the property and facility management industry. During her career, she has successfully represented hundreds of investors and managed complicated projects concerning to workforce lodging, rental and resorts products.

    Since 2007, she has been working as a management consultant and helping organizations optimize operations, thereby ensuring the highest revenues and profitability for travel and facility management projects.

    Here are some of the best projects that she has handled:
    • VP of Operations, Corporate Lodging Company: Task included the setup of a remote lodging division to manage class-A apartments, suites, lodges and man camps.
    • Chief Operating Officer, Crew Logistics/Remote Lodging Company.
    • President/Founder, Property Management Entity

    Andrea Tsaknikas founded CrewFacilities.com with the sole aim to focus on the customer side of the transaction despite of representing the ownership side of lodging. CrewFacilities.com helps organizations, based across North America, manage, control and reduce personnel lodging expenditure.

    In addition to her executive management, corporate real estate broker, management consultant and trainer, Andrea Tsakanikas is also a celebrated author. She is known as a best-selling book named, ‘The Naked Truth About Rentals: Everything You Always Wanted to Know But Didn't Know Who to Ask’. The book contains everything you need to know about earning incoming in rentals regardless of the phase the real estate market is going through. This is a ‘How to’ guide, which has been tested and amended over 20 years of time. It contains essence of Andrea’s experience distilled over her career spanning across three decades.

    It helps a real estate aspirant avoid unnecessary expenses while setting up a rental or fine-tune a current rental division, including sample advertisement, office forms reporting, job descriptions and more.

    The book mirrors experience of Andrea Tsakanikas' more than two decades in the rental industry. This 111-page manual includes everything you need to set up a rental office from scratch or fine-tune an existing rental department.

    It contains samples advertisement formats, sample office forms for tracking sources, marketing, listing files, prospective renter forms, reporting for source/data tabulation, market analysis, etc. Also, it includes items such as samples of telephone calls-to-appointment conversions, overcoming renter objections and closing techniques. Job descriptions are included for organizations or offices.

    Visit CrewFacilities.com to retain the company for managing your crew travel and logistics.

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