• Andrea Tsakanikas at Crewfacilities.com – Know about her inspiring professional journey

    Personnel Travel is often overlooked when analyzing the direct job-cost expenditures. Contact Crewfacilities.com to manage all your future crew travel and accommodation needs. Crewfacilities.com is a full-service corporate travel management and advisory company with a successful track record in long term client relationships. CrewFacilities.com is a business-to-business, end-to-end crew logistics services focusing on reduced travel costs, while offering high quality lodging experience for the clients with mobile work forces.
    Construction, oil and gas, wind, solar, utility and other companies with groups travel seek effective solutions to their lodging challenges to ensure cost-savings without compromising on team’s productivity. This is where, Crewfacilities.com comes in. They work as your partner to take over all aspects of your personnel on the ground including lodging, logistics, dispatch, while offering credit solutions to eliminate the need for companies to use different credit cards for travel.
    Most companies want to stay on a tight budget. In order to accomplish that goal it is necessary to analyze your costs that can be reduced to save on the company’s bottom line. Crewfacilities.com makes that possible by managing the reservations, accommodations and transactions along with the assurance of minimal cost and maximum satisfaction. The team at CrewFacilities.com understands no one wants to be unknowlingly overcharged for their personnel lodging. CrewFacilities manages all your travel needs and transactions during the entire course of a reservation and will guarantee a reduction in what you are currently spending managing the process on your own.

    The woman behind the success story

    Andrea Tsakanikas, an integral part and the founder of Crewfacilities.com, is the woman behind the organization’s vision and strategic growth. Owing to her extensive experience in corporate travel management and consultancy, CrewFacilities.com is today serving a large customer-base across North America. She is also the reason why Crewfacilities.com is now well equipped to handle all its major client contracts.
    Andrea Tsakanikas, having an extensive career in travel management, understands the process to continuously find result-oriented solutions. She has a better understanding of her client industries and logistic and personnel travel management needs and continually strives to find innovative upgrades to solutions to ensure cost reduction and improved savings.
    Insight into her career and achievements, along with her management capabilities show a contribution to where CrewFacilities.com is today. She has been operating as one of the top seasoned professionals in this very industry for quite some time. She is multi-faceted, loves a challenge and understand that things must continually evolve in order to stay at the forefront of the travel and logistics industry. Why Andrea leads the company successfully:
    • She has successfully offered personalized services to wide-ranging corporate entities across North America.
    • Clients appreciate her brilliant streamlined travel policies, which further assure them of ideal lodging expenditures.
    • She believes in offering easy and cost-effective booking and travel management procedures, which is why clients prefer her consultancy.

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