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    4 Strengths of CrewFacilities That Emergency Responders Can Tap Into

    When disaster strikes, emergency responders need the right partners in order to deliver the needed relief to the affected people. CrewFacilities has been in the business of managing lodging and other logistics for disaster relief workers for decades. The company has the following strengths which are invaluable for emergency response teams that need to get to work quickly.

    a) High Volume of Room Purchases CrewFacilities purchases thousands of hotel rooms each year for its clients. This large volume of purchases provides leverage that Andrea Tsakanikas and her team use to obtain the best rates for their clients. These rates are often lower than the lowest published room rates resulting in massive savings for CrewFacilities clients. Emergency responders can take advantage of this opportunity to secure affordable accommodations for their teams in the field.

    b) Lodging Solution Development Emergency response teams often comprise different categories of workers with different lodging needs. CrewFacilities has extensive experience in developing customized lodging solutions for the agencies that contract them to manage their lodging requirements. Consequently, the disaster relief responders can focus their energies on helping those affected since the responders will have one less item to worry about.

    c) Seasoned Negotiators Andrea Tsakanikas has a team of seasoned negotiators who can secure additional rooms for disaster relief workers as the situation on the ground evolves and compels agencies to deploy more workers than had initially been sent out. The work of the negotiators is to secure the desired accommodations within a given radius from the disaster-affected zones. All this without having to pay higher room rates. Emergency responders will always have rooms to crash if you have CrewFacilties on your side.

    d) Integrated Round the Clock Communications Emergency response requires 24-hour communication in order to keep track of where each disaster relief worker is spending the night. CrewFacilities has the capability to provide 24/7 communication on any matter relating to the logistics being provided by the company. This is achieved through a mix of technological tools, such as the CrewFacts app and phone communications at any time of the day or night.

    CrewFacilities has been growing its capabilities and capacities over the decades. They are therefore “battle hardened” and can cope with the lodging and logistical demands of any size of disaster response effort. Get in touch and benefit from their accumulated experience in providing the support you need as you help those affected by emergencies.

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