• 3 Questions Renewable Energy Companies Should Ask When Selecting a TMC

    Whether you are selecting a travel management company for the first time or you are receiving bids for the next year, it is wise for you as a renewable energy company to ask the right questions so that you select the best company for your needs. Here are some of the pertinent questions that you should ask TMCs before you select one.

    Do Your Have Renewable Energy Industry Experience?

    The renewable energy industry has its own unique requirements that a travel management company must understand if they are to meet your needs effectively. For example, it isn’t uncommon for a renewable energy company to require intermodal transportation for materials sourced both locally and internationally. TMCs like CrewFacilities.com have worked with renewable energy companies as well as companies from other industries. This has enabled the firm to understand the challenges and drivers of this sensitive industry. Hire such a company and you will not have any avoidable problems.

    Where Are You Located?

    You should not hire a travel management company until you have looked into their locations in relation to the locations where your company operates. For example, a solar energy company may get a large order in Mexico one quarter and then rush off to Massachusetts the following quarter. The chosen TMC should have operations spread out in all your areas of operation so that you don’t have to contract another entity while retaining the first TMC on your books. CrewFacilities.com operates throughout the U.S., Mexico and Canada. Renewable energy companies can therefore rest assured that the TMC will be within its element in any of those jurisdictions.

    How Do They Handle Duty of Care?

    You also need to look into how the TMC approaches matters of duty of care. Further still, the travel management company should be able to tweak their approach in order to address the specific duty of care needs of your company. Avoid hiring a TMC whose duty of care approach doesn’t match your needs.

    Each industry has its unique needs, and therefore not all TMCs will be appropriate for companies in various industries. You should ensure that the one you hire is the right for you not just in terms of its size but also its experience in your industry. CrewFacilities.com understands the needs of renewable energy companies, so get in touch today!

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