• 3 Handy Business Travel Statistics You Need To Be Aware Of

    As the world becomes increasingly borderless, more and more companies are conducting their business across state lines and seas. And business travel is central to that. Employees have to be able to travel and represent their companies as they transact overseas. Here are some statistics that the experts at CrewFacilities.com, a travel management company with operations across the U.S., Canada and Mexico thought you needed to know.

    Did you know that 47% of all business travelers are now women? Female business travelers control 60% of U.S wealth, and they represent 58% of all online sales. Smart travel management companies like CrewFacilities have been able to spot this emerging trend and evolve with the times.

    To maintain our competitive edge, we are constantly revising and updating our programs to meet the needs of the increasing number of female business travelers. After all, we are a women-owned and managed company! CrewFacilities has placed a great deal of importance on matters of security, experience, and comfort. We have also been able to use technology to collect data on the booking trends and preferences of female business travelers. This has made it easier to develop programs that take into consideration the booking preferences of women traveling for business.

    Business Travel is expected to grow to $51.6 trillion in annual business travel expenses by 2020. Now that's a lot of money, and it's a lot of money you don't want to be spending. After all, each and every company has one end goal in mind, and that is to make a profit for its shareholders. Finding ways to cut back on expenses is a big part of that.

    How does a travel management company like CrewFacilities help in such a situation? Well, we do so by finding a balance between travel policy compliance and employee satisfaction. Employees have to be productive so they can do the company's business, but to keep the overhead low, they have to comply with the company's travel policy.

    CrewFacilities excels at this. With a variety of travel policy compliant and comfortable options as well as round the clock back up support in case any issue arises, your employees will be comfortable, satisfied, and productive on their business trips.

    94% of corporate travel managers rely on a travel management agency, and it makes sense why. A survey conducted by the American Society of Travel Agents found that the average traveler saved $452 dollars by outsourcing their travel management to a travel management company.

    Travel management companies like CrewFacilities.com offer a variety of tools and services that ensure near-perfect travel policy compliance while maintaining employee satisfaction and productivity. To enjoy these benefits, contact Andrea Tsakanikas today and learn how we can be of service to your company.

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