• 3 Expert Tips on How Business Travelers Can Cope With Weather Events

    Imagine traveling for work and a sudden storm leads to the closure of the airport where you were just about to board your flight back. How do you return home quickly? Andrea Tsakanikas, an expert travel manager and the President of CrewFacilities.com (a travel management company) shares some tips that can help you to weather that storm.

    First, you should watch the weather forecast and plan ahead. Experts at CrewFacilities.com recommend that travelers who aren’t working with a travel management company need to keep tabs on the weather forecast and make their travel plans according to the information gathered. For example, you can delay your trip by a few days in order to avoid being caught in the thick of a snowstorm that has been forecast for your destination. Alternatively, you can plan your trip in a way that allows you to make the trouble spot your last stop during a trip that requires you to visit different places before you return home. In this way, the bad weather or any other adverse event will not jeopardize the overall success of your trip.

    Secondly, it may be wise for you to get a hotel room and wait out the rough patch of weather. This option may only be available to those who don’t have urgent business to transact back home or at their next point of call during their business travel. Waiting out the bad weather or any other event that has disrupted your plans is a good idea because it will save you from the aggravation of standing in the long lines of fellow travelers who are also scrambling to find a way to get home. You can also get some work done in case your work allows you to be productive remotely.

    Furthermore, Andrea Tsakanikas suggests that you take matters into your own hands and tweak your travel plan in light of the emergency which has arisen. For example, you can rent a car and drive to another airport that hasn’t been closed. You could also take the train to the next city if it isn’t possible to get a plane to take you home. These real-time changes may be easier for people who have acquired some form of travel expertise after years of business travel.

    However, not everyone can pull off what is needed to respond appropriately when the weather takes a turn for the worse during a business trip. Consequently, it is wise to have 24/7 support from a reputable travel management company like CrewFacilities so that these professionals keep tabs on everything happening and make the right arrangements to get your employees through any challenges that the weather may throw at them during their trips.

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